Isabelle  Peyrichoux

Isabelle Peyrichoux

Passionate, deep, and emphatic, Isabelle has a unique talent for seeing people’s unique gifts and inspiring them to pursue their life’s work. Founder of Brilliant Seeds, her mission is to help people do the Work they are meant to do, so that they can bring their unique talents to the world. Isabelle walks the talk. After 10 years working in the Internet industry as a User Experience researcher, she has founded Brilliant Seeds to pursue her life’s work and bring her unique talents to the world. For the past 15 years, she has made most of her dreams a reality, including moving from France to Canada and the US, becoming bilingual, working for one of the biggest Internet company in the world, climbing the highest peaks in the US and, most recently, changing careers to pursue her passion. She works tirelessly to make her dreams a reality and to help others do the same. She knows how challenging it can be but also how to make it happen.