Teresa  Graham Brett

Teresa Graham Brett

Teresa Graham Brett combines social justice education with parenting. After finishing law school, she became an educator at 3 universities. Becoming a parent, led her to use her skills in facilitating transformative learning and intergroup dialogue to develop the understanding that the ways our society treats children sets the foundation for all other forms of injustice. She founded Parenting for Social Change (www.parentingforsocialchange.com). As a writer and consultant, she helps parents do inner work that ultimately liberates individuals, groups and communities. She has written for: Home Education Magazine, Pathways to Family Wellness, Rethinking Everything Magazine, Rethinking Everything-Parent and the Natural Child Project. Teresa is editor of the Kindred Community, is on their Board and project manager for their Parent Education Programs. She co-founded Alliance for Parenting Education in Africa. She is also Associate Dean of Students for Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement.