Ron Kalenuik

Ron Kalenuik. Affectionately known as Chef K (by those who couldn’t pronounce his last name) began his culinary career in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. Since then he has gone on to establish himself as an award winning Chef in many fine restaurants throughout Canada and the USA as well as owning and operating several national award winning restaurants of his own. He is a teacher and consultant to the hospitality industry as well as a television host & author of 18 differing cookery books to date, which have been released in as many as 19 languages and sold in 64 countries worldwide. Ron has an MBA in Hospitality management. His International best sellers include, Simply Delicious Cooking & Simply Delicious Cooking 2. Other titles by Chef K include International Family Favourites,The Original Pizza & Pasta Book, Fundamentals of Taste, Cuisine Extraordinare, and Fresh Ideas Cooking Series. Ron is also the tv host of Divine Cuisine and radio host of Jazz Cafe.