Dr. Blake Myers

A small town Iowa native, Blake values family, friends, good food and fishing. Wanting to be part of something larger than himself, he joined the Army where he served as a combat medic. Back in Iowa, while in pre-med at Iowa State, he became disenchanted with conventional medicine – largely because he witnessed its ineffectiveness, outside of emergencies, with the care of his grandparents. Once again, he searched for something greater than himself, a more effective and meaningful medicine. He found Bastyr University and the field of Naturopathic Medicine. Now a member of a profession with a rich history of healers, scholars, and visionaries, he brings this tradition to Southern Oregon as a partner in Siskiyou Vital Medicine, Southern Oregon's first Direct Primary Care Clinic and the nation's first Naturopathic Direct Care Clinic, offering a flat fee for unrestricted office visits, wholesale pricing on labs, discounts on supplements and medications, complementary procedures and more.