Helen Hillix

Helen Hillix is an intuitive counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice since 1985 in north San Diego County. Her career began with traditional training in psychology, with no real goal of becoming a counselor. The universe had other plans. After 8 years working as research psychologist and then director of a psychiatric hospital alternative, during which time she co-authored academic articles, presented at conferences and served on the Mental Health Advisory Board of San Diego County, Helen met Beth Green and her life changed. Helen has been participating in training programs with Beth since 1985. Helen integrates her warmth, humor, down-to-earth style and intuitive skill in her counseling work and continues to have a passion for transformation, hers and others’. She is currently the lead for a campaign called Unleashing the Power of Kids: Mobilizing Them for Fitness, Cooperation, Service & Thought, a program she hopes will go global. www.TheInnerRevolution.Org.