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Angie Cooper

I grew up in a loving home with My Mum and Dad and three Sisters. I attended school until I was 15 then left to commence full time employment with an Insurance Company. I met my Husband Rod when I was 21, we went on to to get married four years later. We travelled a lot before we had our children driving around the USA for 6 months and then 3 months in Europe. We were so blessed to have family living in Nevada and based our time with them. Together we have raised 3 children Ryan will turn 21 on my 50th Birthday in October, Raquel 19 and Jarrod 17. I know we all think our children are the best but seriously these kids are absolutely amazing and I am so grateful every single day that I have them all in my life. The website for the Gerson institute is The link for the Gerson Practitioner in Australia is Three movies to watch on either Youtube or nextflix. The Beautiful Truth, Dying to Have Know, The Gerson Miracle.