Paul Wittenberger

Paul Wittenberger, is an innovative filmmaker, artist, and activist. Born in Michigan he spent his early childhood in war-torn West African Liberia. After his return to the States, Paul studied film at Full Sail University. His upbringing in the West African culture gave him a fresh and unique perspective, evident in every piece of his art. In 2010 Paul partnered with producer G. Edward Griffin to produce a ground-breaking documentary on the subject of geo-engineering (better known as “chemtrails”). What in the World Are They Spraying? followed in the fall of 2010, with great success and equal controversy. Paul’s second feature-length documentary, released in 2012, was The Great Culling: Our Water. In this film, fluoride found in our everyday drinking water is exposed for being a toxic waste product of the phosphate industry called hydrofluorosilicic acid. Paul now lives in the Los Angeles area, where he makes documentaries on the vital issues of our generation.