Woody Weingarten

Woody Weingarten, author of Rollercoaster: How a man can survive his partner’s breast cancer, can’t remember when he couldn’t talk — or play with words. His first poem was published in high school, but when his hormones announced the arrival of adulthood, he decided to eat rather than rhyme. So he switched to journalism, jumpstarting his career in New York almost 60 years ago. Now he’s a columnist, reviewer-critic, blogger and publisher — despite being “retired.” Earlier, he was executive editor and writer for daily and weekly publications in California, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York for five decades. He won writing awards for public service and investigation, features, columns, editorials and news. Woody, whose previous spouse died after her breast cancer metastasized, also has published newspapers, and written a national column. The father of two and grandfather of three, he's lived in San Anselmo, California, for 29 years. He figures he’ll stay.