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Susan Owens

Susan Owens is becoming known as the foremost authority on the role that oxalates play in chronic diseases. Beginning in 2005 she has helped the scientific world begin to understand the deleterious effects that oxalates can have on the whole body and their role in many diseases. To arrive at this discovery she spent the last 20 years studying lab work and examining the science behind chronic disorders. A graduate of Vanderbilt University she completed her graduate studies at the University of Texas at Dallas, while serving in think tanks with physicians and researchers. Her first decade of scientific work involved studying the role of sulfur and sulfate disruptions, which led to uncovering the toxicity of oxalates which share transport with sulfate. Through the Oxalate Project, founded in 2005, she and her colleagues have found that oxalates play a pivotal role in over 20 disorders, including autism, muscle wasting, chronic pain and weakness and failure to thrive.