Michaela Haas, PhD

Michaela Haas, PhD, is the owner of HAAS live!, an international coaching company for media, mindfulness and communication training. She has taught at the University of California Santa Barbara, the University of the West, and other study centres in America and Europe. Since the age of sixteen, she has been working as a writer and interviewer for major European newspapers, magazines, and TV stations, including hosting many successful live talk-shows. She has been studying and practicing Buddhist meditation for almost twenty years. Michaela is the author of Bouncing Forward, Dakini Power, co-author of Coco Schumann: der Ghetto-Swinger, translator of Light Comes Through, as well as contributor to and editor of several other books. In America, her articles have appeared in the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, CBS, Psychology Today, Psych Central, and numerous online media.