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Nathan Bachrach

Nathan Bachrach is a neighborly sort of fellow who was selling mutual funds and term insurance nights and weekends in Cincinnati 30 years ago. Now he manages $680 million of retirement funds for 1750 families. He owes his success to the rapport he has with ordinary people, “the other 99%” as he puts it, allowing for a little election year numbers rounding. He knows people over-complicate money matters and blames that on his fellow professionals, who keep people intimidated to attract business and justify fees. He believes in keeping it simple. He thinks of “retirement” not as a term from a financial glossary but a time “when you’re no longer employed and don’t want to be a greeter at Walmart.” To make the point that retirement is about social change rather than a predictable stage of life, he cites a recent survey where a group of husbands and wives were asked what they expected retirement would be like. 60% of the men said “more time with my wife.” 60% of the women said “…too much husband and not enough money.” Nathan has made a lot of friends and gained a lot of clients telling it like it is.