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7/18/2019 the-common-app-prompts-and-supplemental-essays-student-loan-debt

The Common App: prompts and supplemental essays- student loan debt

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
Dear Debt’s Melanie Lockert paid off 81 thousand in student debt in just a few years. She’ll join us to talk about how she got to 81 thousand in the first place, what she would do differently if she could do it all again, and what led to the creation of her Dear Debt blog, now also a boo. Listen Now

5/30/2019 service-work-transitioning-to-college

Service Work; Transitioning to College

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
In the second in our Kindness Matters series, we’ll tackle the question of service work: what qualifies, why students might want to do it, and whether or not it’s truly important in the admissions process. Listen Now

4/21/2016 what-if-you-didnt-get-in-anywhere

What If You Didn't Get In Anywhere?

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
It’s every college going student and parent’s nightmare: decisions from colleges arrive, and there isn’t a yes in the bunch. Listen Now

1/21/2016 researching-colleges-and-listener-questions

Researching Colleges and Listener Questions

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
Over the past few months, we’ve been asking you to send us your thoughts on the things you’d like to hear more about, along with your specific questions. Listen Now

12/24/2015 deferred-in-ed-or-ea-heres-what-to-do

Deferred in ED or EA? Here's What to Do

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
Most of those students who applied via early action or early decision programs have received their answer by now. Unfortunately, some got a definitive no and are on the regular decision. Listen Now