Radio Episodes
12/23/2015 marsh-engle-one-million-called

Marsh Engle- One Million Called

The Fame Game
This week on "The Fame Game with MaddieRose" we welcome Marsh Engle to the microphone. Marsh is no stranger to the microphone as she hosts her very own radio show on VoiceAmerica on the Women's Channel. Listen Now

10/19/2015 spirituality-in-business-admired-or-ridiculed

Spirituality in Business ... admired or ridiculed?

Spiritual Help for Everyday Life
We all have watched seasoned business people on TV or we have encountered them in magazines and have seen them smile from the front covers. We might even have been there live, at big events, where they were presenting in front of huge audiences. Listen Now

9/1/2015 creating-a-vision-for-your-life

Creating A Vision For Your Life

MindSet ReSet LIVE with Prudence Gensman
What do you want to see, feel, experience in your life? Do you have a vision for your life? The truth is we are creating a vision of our life subconsciously if we don't take the time to make it a conscious process. Listen Now

6/16/2015 mind-ing-your-business

Mind -ing- Your Business

MindSet ReSet LIVE with Prudence Gensman
There is nothing more personal then starting your own business and you can't take it personally. Listen Now