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Mike Gazzola

Mike held a full-time job until 12 years ago when he decided he was a family man at heart and wanted to do something that would not only make him more money but give him the flexibility of time to raise a family and to set his kids up for a comfortable life and give himself a happy retirement. He studied real estate and his first investment was a house he bought on ebay for $25,000. He held that for a short time and sold it for $45,000 and has sold hundreds of houses since, working from a 7 figure profit he gained by rolling over a $50,000 401K from his previous employer into a self-directed IRA and building on that. His considerably larger net worth today was derived 90% from real estate investing. But the majority of his time is devoted to mentoring aspiring real estate investors, conducting webinars, and working on a second book. His educational activities are operated under