Sonika Ozdoba

Sonika Ozdoba, a Zimbabwe-born writer, artist and musician, has written her first book – a memoir that encompasses a series of life experiences that were put into motion by a dramatic and life-changing event. After working as a professional opera and concert singer for seventeen years, Sonika very suddenly lost her voice. This incident forced her to leave her profession, and to embark on an intense spiritual journey in search of her true identity and purpose. “The Soul with Two Voices” is a fascinating story of how she discovered the voice that was hidden beneath her performing artist voice, and how it finally broke through the “mask” to reveal the voice she needed to find. In a story that spans three continents, and includes key defining moments in Zimbabwe, South Africa, England, Switzerland and California, Sonika takes us on an incredible journey of self-discovery and intense personal transformation that is, in itself, a truly life-changing experience.