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Barrett Matthews

Barrett Matthews is an amazing speaker, trainer, and productivity expert. Known as the “Get It Done Coach”, “the Excuse Killer”, and “The Idea Man”, Barrett has shared his unique brand of productivity genius with companies like Metro Public Adjustment, the Tracy Lynn Fashion Jewelry, and Primerica. He is one of the unique Black Belt Speakers and dubbed as one of the original “Stage Crushers”. Recognized as the President’s Award Winner for 2015, and selected as a Digital Facilitator at the Power Networking Conference 2016, Barrett is committed to showing individuals how to start and grow any business, with any product, and any service, on any budget with his creative insight and unique way of seeing the larger picture. Barrett is the author of Why Didn’t You Get It Done?, 50 Shades of Wealth: The Allure Of Success, and co-author of Congratulations, You Just Lost Your Job. He has been asked to act as Master of Ceremonies on numerous occasions and has coached leaders in several industries.