Saint Valentine

Legend says that a 3rd century priest was martyred by the Romans for marrying couples when the authorities wanted young men single so they would be better soldiers. Legend also says that just before his execution, he signed a note "From Your Valentine." Some say there were actually two executed clerics named Valentine. The church does not claim that there is any reliable information about him, but people associate him with courtly love. The 5th century church created a Feast of St. Valentine’s Day to counteract pagan promiscuity. In the 1300s the day became associated with romantic love, but it wasn’t till the 1840s that mass-produced Valentine’s cards turned the holiday commercial. And boy is it commercial! In the US alone, $448 million is spent on candy and $8.6 million on sparkling wine for the holiday. Plus flowers, gifts, 150 million cards, wow, what a bonanza! What does any of this have to do with St. Valentine? Probably nothing. Check him out for more myths about St. Valentine.