Névine  Salvadé

Névine Salvadé

Synchronicity is something Névine Salvadé knows about. These events were meant to occur for her spiritual growth. Salvadé’s life has taken her from the Middle East to Europe to America and beyond. “I hope that through my experiences you can recognize and accept the imperfect humanity of each and every one of us, and allow yourself the space and acceptance to grow slowly, not pressured by the outside world, the media, or your surroundings.” She grew up in war-torn Lebanon, watching her parents’ struggle in their passionate marriage, and searching for meaning and purpose in her own marriage and life. She discovered her connection with the spiritual realm with a message of love and understanding. Her book is C OM Passion. Salvadé knows the world could find peace if only its inhabitants could learn to accept other’s differences with love and understanding. We can start with one thing: we can forgive. Contact: nevineaz@aol.com