Ron Howard

Ron Howard is a master of sales, marketing and networking. Ron is also an author, trainer and speaker. He covers subjects including sales strategies, motivation, sales team training and online marketing. Ron’s passion, desire and willingness to teach has helped thousands of businesses around the world achieve record profits.
Ron started his sales career over 40 years ago in door-to-door sales with World Book Encyclopedias and quickly rose to Regional Manager. Always a visionary, he saw the end of encyclopedias and moved on to be a trainer, manager and top salesman in the yellow page industry. In the mid 90’s, having an insight into the future of business marketing, Ron left the yellow page industry and became the Vice President of Sales at, one of the largest online directories.
Since 1999, Ron has started several successful marketing companies including EZSiteMaster, WebForce Pro and onTop local which have helped thousands of small business owners