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Stephen Furst

Stephen Furst started his career 39 years ago when he went from delivering pizzas in Hollywood to starring in the all time classic comedy, ANIMAL HOUSE. Since then Stephen has gone on to star in various films and TV series, including The Dream Team, Scavenger Hunt, and Midnight Madness. His series work includes two 5 year stints on the multi award winning series, St. Elsewhere, and Babylon 5. Stephen has directed, produced and formed his own production company. He has produced several films, including the critically acclaimed hit, My Sisters Keeper with Cameron Diaz and Alec Baldwin and the film, COLD MOON, written by the writer of Beetlejuice and Nightmare before Christmas. Curmudgeon films have made several TV films for different networks, including, THE TENTH CIRCLE based on the #1 selling book of the same title, Death Cloud starring Christopher Pratt, and two Lake Placid sequels for Sony. Currently Curmudgeon is in pre production on a family Christmas film and developing a remake