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7/5/2016 why-not-abolish-the-4th-of-july

Why Not Abolish the 4th of July?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, MD., Michael Oliver and Robert Giustra return. The Declaration of Independence defined the author of personal liberty why we the people, not governments, are sovereign entities on earth. Listen Now

5/11/2010 ron-paul-talks-gold-and-economic-freedom

Ron Paul Talks Gold and Economic Freedom

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Ron Paul talks about how the Federal Reserve and fiat money have been used to destroy the middle class and take away the economic freedom of Americans. Listen Now

4/7/2009 ron-paul


Turning Hard Times into Good Times
RON PAUL an eleven-term congressman from Texas, is the leading advocate of freedom in our nation’s capital. Listen Now