Radio Episodes
7/29/2021 shine-in-your-resilience

SHINE in Your Resilience

Empowering Women, Transforming Lives
Resilience is one of those powerful qualities that we all hope for. But it’s also a quality that always comes with a cost. For, really, the only way to develop it is to overcome profound loss, grief, or betrayal. Today’s guests have proven that. Listen Now

3/6/2020 how-grief-drives-us-w-cheryl-jones

How Grief Drives Us w/ Cheryl Jones

Finding Your Frequency
In this episode, we are joined by Co-Host Cheryl Jones. We explore the losses that define our lives. We also talk about people who have transformed themselves through the profound act of grieving. Why settle for surviving? Say yes to the many experiences that embody loss! Grief can teach you where your strengths are, and ignite your courage. It can heighten your awareness of what is important to you and help you let go of what is not. Listen Now

6/27/2014 experiencing-grief-and-loss

Experiencing Grief and Loss

Murmuration: Critical Transitions and Transformation
Join the conversation as we learn more how supporting a loved one through the death and dying process affects us Listen Now