Rev. Jose Barron

Rev. Jose Barron began his training as a child, when his grand-mother exposed him to different kinds of alternative healers and medicines for her many health concerns. As a young boy he also was able to witness spirits coming around him and telepath with them. Later in life he joined The Southern California Psychic Institute where he would perfect how to read a person's aura and heal auras and charkas. Rev. Barron continued his education in The Hypnosis Motivation Institute and graduated as a hypnotherapist there. Here he learned how to help the conscious and subconscious mind overcome fears, phobias, mental blocks and help people reach their creative personal goals. Under the guidance of enlightened spiritual master Maha Vajra Jose was granted Full Priest in Mahajrya Esoteric Buddhist Tradition . Rev. Barron is co-founder of The Meditation Studio which is located in El Paso, Texas. Here people lean how to mediate, overcome obstacles, and reach personal goals.