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Hendrikus Schraven

Hendrikus is a leading-edge soil to health advocate. He has spent decades working with the soil and has worked tirelessly to educate medical audiences and the public about the importance of restoring soil chemistry. As a part of his work, he's a unique world-class landscape-environmental designer. He is the originator of an approach he calls "neofractal landscape design" which create a timeless beauty, exceptional longevity and heightened feeling of "aliveness." He has won over 70 awards internationally and nationally. He consults across the globe from China to New York, Haiti to Hawaii. Among his innovations from Hendrikus Organics are organic soils that don't erode from rainfalls, methods to restore landslides and burned forests and organic soil amendments that increase yields of high nutritional produce. His recent presentation at the April 2016 Seeking Health Educational Institute received a standing ovation from physician attendees.