Liz Murray

Liz Murray’s life is a triumph over adversity and a stunning example of the importance of dreaming big. Her life as the child of cocaine-addicted parents was bitterly grim. There was never food in the house, drugs were everywhere, and the welfare checks were spent before they arrived. Murray’s story of survival is exhilarating and inspirational. Lifetime Television produced a movie about Murray’s life story entitled Homeless to Harvard, which was nominated for three Emmy Awards. Murray is the recipient of the White House “Project’s Role Model Award” and Oprah Winfrey’s first-ever “Chutzpah Award”. Her memoir, Breaking Night, landed on the New York Times best seller list within a week of its release and quickly became an international bestseller. Murray received her Bachelor of Science degree from Harvard University. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Psychology at Columbia University and is an inspirational speaker with the Washington Speakers Bureau.