Richard Di Santo

Richard Di Santo is a retired K-12 educator/counselor who does part time tutoring. Richard grew up in the 1950's in the suburbs of Chicago. He is the product of a culture and religious denomination that fostered compliance. At the same time, he experienced a male dominated hierarchy in his family and in society. Those experiences contributed to his development as a quiet, compliant, self-conscious, emotionally isolated and depressed teen. He lived out those characteristics as a man throughout his adult life despite being largely unaware of their impact on himself or others. He also acted out the hierarchy and domination he had learned as a child in his marriages and his work. Today, Richard wants to share the benefits of being an authentic man, not constrained by the beliefs of domination and ego. He is dedicated to being a fully evolving person capable of emotional honesty, genuine relationships, doing his part to transform what it means to be a man today.