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Lisa Raphael

Lisa Raphael followed a mysterious call to Australia in her 80th year after spending more than half a century in the USA. Before she left, in order to be and be met totally in the present, she removed as many traces of her personal life as possible. She has no home base, does not drive and travels around Australia with everything she owns in one big suitcase. It is Lisa's understanding that what is within us has been present since before the Universe was created, that we are infinite. And that being and living true to that infinite essence within - our authentic Self - is all that is needed to transform the perceived reality that threatens to destroy the planet. For most of us, living true to that infinite inner essence involves releasing layer upon layer of adopted beliefs, habits, affiliations and alliances, as well as healing and letting go of emotional wounds. Lisa writes, "At Eighty One I am at one with all that was and will be...The NOW unfolding unknown mystery"