Anne Kramer

Anne Kramer, President and CEO of Ergo Works®, Inc., has over 15 years’ experience in architecture, office space planning and workstation design. With a B.A. in Architecture from UC Berkeley, she quickly gained experience in ergonomic workstation assessment and implementation and worked as a consultant to public and private-sector businesses. Before Ergo Works, she was a managing partner of ComputERgonomics, responsibile for the development of ergonomics training programs, on-site workstation evaluations and implementation, product research and evaluation, design review of in-house custom-built ergonomic accessories and sales and marketing. Anne served as a consultant to Krames Communications, on an educational ergonomics training video for nationwide distribution. She trains new hires and performs on-site workstation evaluations and implementation of continued ergonomic work product solutions. Anne is well-known for her planning and design for office and laboratory environments.