Mark Roby

Mark Roby is an author, Naturopathic doctor and cancer survivor. His book, Lifelines to Cancer Survival: A New Approach to Personalized Care chronicles his cancer survival story.
Mark’s strong interest in the practice of medicine led him to become an undergraduate at Central Michigan University, where he worked as a lab assistant, followed by a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and his physician assistant degree from Touro College in New York City in 1981 with academic and clinical honors. In 2000, he obtained an advanced degree in Naturopathy and has lectured on integrated medicine for over 15 years.
Diagnosed in December 2002 with a rare form of liver cancer, Mark soon discovered that traditional medicine was not going to save his life especially after hearing multiple doctors tell him that it was time to give up and accept his fate. Using his medical knowledge combined with integrative medicine techniques, he became an obsessive researcher and his own best advocate.