Marcy Rose

Marcy Rose, a retired registered nurse, has been a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Buffalo & Erie County for over 15 years serving as President from 2012- 2016. NAMI, a grassroots organization of volunteers, was founded in 1984 and focuses to educate, assist and advocate for those affected by mental illness. She is a NY State Trainer of NAMI’s free Family to Family 12-week course about mental illness and is trained in teaching NAMI’s Homefront, a 6-week course for families of veterans and active military. As a community advocate, she assists with Crisis Services’ Crisis Intervention Training for police officers and first responders, speaking about the family perspective when a mental health crisis occurs. She has given talks to medical students, mental health counselors, and social work students and is an active advocate for legislation to help improve access and provision of mental health care.