Dr.  Sheila Williams

Dr. Sheila Williams

Dr. Sheila Williams has over 20 years of successful professional experience. Her expertise is very eclectic as she is an Independent Consultant (SW Consulting Services, LLC), a Mental Health Therapist, a Behavior Analyst, Counselor, Published Author and Educational Leader where she currently holds the position of Director of Education for SAE Institute, Atlanta. She has an extensive educational background as she holds a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from the University of Central Florida, an MA in Counseling from Webster University and a Ph.D. in Leadership and Education from Barry University. Having dealt with the responsibility of caring for her mother who had depression and having once been told by her High School Guidance Counselor that college was "not for her; she would not take NO for an answer. Dr. Williams turned what could have been seen as a ‘challenge’ into an opportunity to prove 'Yes You Can'!