Tim Grant

Until September 2015, Tim Grant was president and CEO of Actronix, Inc., a manufacturer of highly engineered cable assemblies and wire harnesses for the medical, security and defense, communications and industrial sectors. He stepped down for health reasons and is currently recovering. During Tim’s tenure as president and CEO, in a partnership with the Arkansas Department of Corrections, Actronix created a second production facility on the grounds of McPherson Women's Unit Prison in Newport, Ark. This unique production facility has had a positive impact on the community by helping train inmates and provide a means for victim restitution and child support. Before heading up Actronix, Tim ran Coast Electric and Trade Paper. He’s also held various corporate, line, and staff positions at Kierulff Electronics, Arrow Electronics, and most recently at Avnet, Inc. Tim holds a BA in Economics from UCLA, an MBA in Management from Pepperdine and a JD from Western State University.