Ron  Capri

Ron Capri

Ron Capri isn't your average bee keeper. He is an organic food wizard now turning his passion for all things natural into edible energy just for you!
Ron's Rockin' Rolls energy raw food snacks is taking Socal by storm. True food sources with protein, antioxidants and loaded with all things good, Ron's Rockin' Rolls will soon be available in a store near you. The Santa Monica Co-op and Sunlife may be among places you'll want to get your Rockin' Rolls!
In addition, Ron has developed an, everyone-can-have-one, bee keeper house, in their back yard! Bee Haven is his latest project following his passion for organic agriculture. Ron is a valued member of the Malibu Ag Society and has both hands in the soil for the purpose of promoting well-being and sustainable living practices.
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