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Marcy Goma

Marcy Goma has a Masters in Special Education and has been teaching for almost 20 years now. Marcy is a certified teacher of the visually impaired at the Foundation for Blind Children. Her work with visually impaired students also allows her the opportunity to teach at some of the school districts here in Arizona which have this specific need. Marcy Goma is the current Program Coordinator as well as the founder of Abaka Foundation. Marcy leads the Abaka Foundation, the only non-profit foundation that offers a complete Filipino Language Immersion program in Phoenix.
As a non profit educational organization, their mission is to celebrates the diversity of cultures and experience with the goal to bring people together in order to foster learning, understanding and compassion for all people. The mission includes sharing the interest and understanding of the Filipino language and culture to future generations of Filipino American children as well as children from all cultural backgrounds.