Dr. Toni  Bruce

Dr. Toni Bruce

Dr. Toni Bruce is an Associate Professor at the University of Auckland. Having completed an MS and PhD from The University of Illinois, and a BS from the University of Otago, Dr. Bruce has an extensive research record in featuring a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies including autoethnography and ethnographic fiction. Her research is grounded in feminism, interpretive interactionism and cultural studies. Some of her recent studies focused specifically on public responses to media surrounding the FIFA men’s World Cup, media coverage for the Paralympic Games, and media ‘rules of the road’ regarding females in sport. My vote for her most provocative publication is a 2000 masterpiece entitled ‘Never let the bastards see you cry’! Toni is a member of the Executive Board of WomenSport International and a Past President of the North American Society of the Sociology of Sport