Liz  Salmi

Liz Salmi

Liz has blogged about her brain cancer experience since her diagnosis, just one week after her 29th birthday. Her website,, now receives over 30,000 visits each year. Cofounder of Brain Tumor Social Media (#BTSM), a patient-run community for patients, caregivers and clinicians, Liz connects people diagnosed with brain tumors around the world. She speaks regularly on how healthcare professionals and patients are connecting through digital media, including a TEDx Talk (2013) on how patients are using the Internet to form their own support networks. In 2016, Liz participated in the Stanford Medicine X conference as an e-Patient delegate, and is featured in the documentary The Open Patient: Healing Through Sharing. Liz is director of communications for the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California, insuring all people with chronic or serious illnesses receive education on advance care planning and have access to quality, patient-centered palliative care