Carmell  Pelly

Carmell Pelly

Carmell is the Founder and CEO of The Abundant Woman Program, a program where she speaks and teaches other woman to fully accept themselves while trusting in the power of their higher callings without giving in to fear. Having tapped into her sensuality and femininity, Carmell has learned to stand in her feminine power, activate her self-worth and fully express herself as an Abundant Woman. As a Wife, Mother of a teenager and a new baby boy, she has learned how to thrive by keeping herself aligned with her higher calling.
Today, as a Feminine Empowerment Coach, Carmell has been able to explore her passions for travel, fashion, and health while helping women find and reconnect to their sensuality that leads to abundance. Carmell has the ability to help bring out the soft, curvy, hidden side by looking at what is holding them back (such as fear, shame, or guilt). Through movement and photography, Carmell transforms the lives of woman worldwide.