Mark  Phillips

Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips is a life-time serial entrepreneur who has created numerous businesses since age 10. Today he owns, among several other ventures. After college, he started a company and sold it four years later. Quite unexpectedly, he ventured into the wine business when an evening celebrating this sale included an exceptionally good glass. Soon, he began organizing wine groups and developed his own wine glass. A wine loving executive discovered his approach and invited him to host a television show which aired nationally for six years and became the most-watched wine show ever. Mark is the author of Swallow This, a book illustrating his unique, non-snobby approach to wine. In 2010, Mark had an idea for powdered alcohol, researched the task and came up with a product, and was the first to introduce it in a commercially viable way. Ever the curious inventor and business man, his thirst for creating offerings and uniquely positioning them in the marketplace continue on.