AJ  Puedan

AJ Puedan

AJ Puedan Biography Premier business consultant, highly sought after speaker, and personal breakthrough coach, A.J. Puedan, truly touches the lives of each individual he encounters. Beginning with the early influence of his father, a championship runner in the Philippines, A.J. has been implementing a positive mindset since the early age of 4 and teaches others to do the same. Throughout his life, he saw other people with hearts of gold doing whatever it took to achieve extraordinary things without compromising the integrity of their character. This dispels the mantra that good guys finish last. Being a self-professed “underdog” in his past, A.J. decided he wanted to see good people win. He prides himself on teaching others how to succeed and win in any circumstance.
A.J. has been in the business of changing lives for 25 years. He began working with many well-known published entrepreneurs, and has assisted others in starting businesses since the young age of 14 years old.