Gina  Ogden, PhD, LMFT

Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT

Gina Ogden is recognized as one of the creative masters in the field of sexology. An award-winning sex therapist, researcher, and teacher. She is the author of ten books and counting, and a nationwide survey to investigate sexuality and spirituality.
She is founder of the 4-D Network for Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit, an international collaboration of practitioners. She conducts retreats and trains internationally, lectures widely, and offers online courses for professionals. She has appeared in the media from talk radios to the Oprah Winfrey Show. She supervises and trains a variety of professionals and health providers in her innovative 4-Dimensional Wheel approach.
Her ground breaking books for women, translated into a dozen languages speak to the heart of sexuality in a way that women all over the world recognize. Her integrative books for professionals guide clinicians to engage clients actively in their own deep healing. Go to or