Tuti  Scott

Tuti Scott

Speaker, Trainer, and Facilitator Tuti B. Scott is a leader and mentor for women and a catalyst for strategic philanthropic giving. An energetic speaker, trainer and thought leader, Tuti’s work inspires people and organizations to up the level of their leadership and to create and fund change within systems and cultures. Coach Tuti has been a leader bridging women’s rights, social justice philanthropy and women’s sports for three decades.
As the Chief Development Officer for the Women’s Sports Foundation for 15 years, Tuti brings insights about sports, leadership, power and money to philanthropic circles, Board rooms, and management teams. Tuti relies upon her experiences both as a team builder, an athlete and basketball coach to lead and inspire people off the court. Tuti serves as President of her own consulting firm, Imagine Philanthropy, where for eight years she and her team have worked with foundations and social sector organizations in learning and planning, team building