Carla van  Raay

Carla van Raay

Carla van ray is the author of bestselling memoir 'God's Callgirl', who has now written a worthy sequel: 'Healing From Abuse A Practical Spiritual Guide. This small book encapsulates the learning of an entire lifetime about what heals our inner wounds and why a lot of therapy only works to an extent. Carla maintains that self-acceptance and self-love are big secrets not easily understood, integrated and practiced in reality, and this is what is offered to the reader. As abused persons, we learn to 'love the unlovable' because without that there is no ultimate healing. How to do that takes a spiritual approach. It is the Spirit Within each person, never extinguished, that has the power of unconditional love and total non-judgment. Carla's life was marred with abuse of all kinds, with a burden of guilt that few children need to carry, yet she managed to heal that. "It is a possibility for anyone", she maintains. Contacts for Carla; and