Lettice  McCoy

Lettice McCoy

Lettice McCoy is a Rain International Partner and Founding Member.Rain International is the first and world leader in nutritional supplements based on seeds. After Lettice tried the first seed product 2 ½ years ago, she had to be part of sharing Rain’s cutting edge seed nutrition with the world. For over 25 years, Lettice has used a wide range of natural products such as vitamins, Chinese herbs and Homeopathy. She has been involved with lifestyles like those based on Macrobiotics, blood types and raw foods. Seed nutrition can be a complimentary addition to the lives of virtually everyone from children, athletes to the elderly. During these past 2 ½ years with Rain International, Lettice has added a number of non-GMO, organic seeds to her daily regime for the anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antioxidant benefits and more. Lettice McCoy is a Presenter and Speaker, as well as a Rain International Partner and Founding Member www.seedsshine.com , letticem@icloud.com , (253) 651-3878