Gina  Cannone

Gina Cannone

Gina Cannone is a board certified advanced clinical hypnotherapist, specializing in Weight loss, Smoking Cessation, Self-Esteem issues, Behavioral problems, Fears and Phobias, Pain control, Anxiety/Stress, Grief and Past life regressions. She studied at the Institute of Hypnotherapy, New Jersey and is a member of the International Hypnosis Federation. Gina is also an Author and recognized for her many psychic gifts; a medium, a clairvoyant and a true spiritualist. Her book, “IT’S TIME to BELIEVE”, is about answered prayers and how one can find fortune, happiness, loving relationships and a clearer path to achieve personal and professional goals. Gina also leads Spiritual and Hypnotherapy seminars and conducts life coaching with the goal to enlighten, inspire and help those who need to get back on a positive path. You can find her book,“IT’S TIME to BELIEVE”, on Gina's websites are and