Sara  Moore

Sara Moore

Sara Moore, CEO of SEA Media is a recognized social media guru. SEA Media has grown by 188% in the last 2 years, currently located in two states with plans for expansion. She credits the rapid, organic growth of SEA Media, to her proven and trademarked social media sales process, called C.L.U.E, which focuses on building relationships through engagement. Sara has worked closely with executives at some of the most well-known marketing agencies in the United States, The Berry Company, ReachLocal, and FoundSM and had been mentored by Julie Warnecke; the fourth person hired within the Adwords division at Google.Working to transition The Berry Company from a yellow pages industry to a digital marketing agency, Sara helped craft a successful sales process, which helped bring the company out of bankruptcy and back into profitability. It was rolled out companywide to over 800 employees, and is still in use today.