Rizza  Islam

Rizza Islam

Rizza Islam is an international humanitarian who decided at the age of 9, after witnessing the condition of the people in his community, that he wanted to do something about it. Gang violence, drugs, and peer pressure were an everyday occurrence for him. Since the start of his humanitarian efforts, he has received over a dozen awards from well-known organizations such as The YMCA, Youth for Human Rights international, The Ebony Awakening Foundation and The Mayor & City Council of Compton California, to name a few. These awards were all received for educating and mentoring inner city youth in urban communities. Rizza has delivered classes on drug education, life skills, communication skills, anger management, health, study skills, parenting, and so much more. He has saved, inspired, and salvaged the lives of more than 15,000 people. Using social media, his hope is to inspire all the members of the human family to fight for freedom, justice, equality and unity!