Wendelin  Lauxen

Wendelin Lauxen

Wendelin Lauxen from Germany is the founder and director of the 7EmiratesRun. Wendelin Lauxen has already run marathons on all 7 continents and broken the world record for the fastest completion multiple times over. His passion for running and his compassion to the United Arab Emirates lead him to initiate a run for charity to help needy children who suffer from deformities or amputations. He runs with the motto: "Run to help children back on their feet“. The 7 emirates Run is an endurance run like no other! Full distance teams of 7 runners and relay teams of 2-7 runners will run 539 kilometres in 7 days... an average of 77 km per day across the UAE. They have raised over 1Mio Dirhams and supported 6 children with prosthesis or orthosis. The run is through all 7 Emirates of The United Arab Emirates. They run for the pure joy of running, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to raise awareness for children who they want to support by raising funds.