Joniann  Marchese

Joniann Marchese

Joniann Marchese, President and Owner of LightStim, has an impressive track record of entrepreneurial successes traversing a multitude of industries. Joniann created her first business at the age of 16 and moved on to establish the first ever national auto detailing franchise with husband, Steve Marchese. Together they sold over 155 franchises across the country and were highlighted in over 200 publications including. While experimenting with curbing the appearance of aging, Joniann discovered the beneficial results of LED light therapy and jointly with Steve, seized the opportunity to purchase LightStim. Together they have grown the company to be the largest manufacturer and supplier of LED Light Therapy devices to the medical and esthetic communities for use in spas, medical practices and more. She has been the industry pioneer in delivering the powerful results of LED Light Therapy to the consumer and the brainstorm behind new professional product releases at LightStim.