Alena  Chapman

Alena Chapman

Alena Chapman is a mentor, speaker and International Bestselling Author. She has been involved with the study of self-improvement and development for over two decades. Her focus has been on teaching others the tools they need to unleash the power within. Since 2010, Alena has helped hundreds of clients to discover happy and purposeful lives. In order to help others break free, she wrote her international best-seller, “You Can’t Escape From a Prison If You Don’t Know You’re In One: What is Blocking Your Freedom?” March 21, 2017 Alena will launch her new book: “ The Prison Effect” Discover How You Are Blocking Your Own Happiness and Break Free To Abundance & Joy in Life. “The Alena Chapman Show” is on YouTube committed to inspire and empower people. She has appeared on: ABC 21, Alive Insights, NPR, Greenberg Show,Jennifer Hammond Show,Maggi Linton,Psychic Network. find out more about her