Julian  Hosp, MD

Julian Hosp, MD

Julian Hosp, MD is an author, entrepreneur and leapfrog high performer. Born in Austria in 1986, he attended high school and played basketball in Nashville, Tennessee. Julian continued his professional basketball career in Austria after moving back to study medicine. He learned to kitesurf in Italy, and was a professional kitesurfer for 10 years, while completing his studies to become a Medical Doctor. After a few months of working as a MD, he decided to start his own business instead, and moved to Hong Kong, where he resides with his fiancé Bettina. Julian runs several on-line and off-line businesses, and is a sought-after public speaker, coach and social-media-strategist for individuals and companies all over the world. He wrote the Amazon best seller “25 Stories I Would Tell My Younger Self." Learn more about him and his work at www.julianhosp.com and www.25stories.org